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Devon & Cornwall Cream Teas


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How do you have yours? The best things in life we have are memories and my fondest memories are those spent down in Devon, surfing in Croyde Bay and, of course, eating Cream Teas. That was the first time I had had a Cream Tea. And I was hooked. Without even knowing the different ways of dressing your scone with the clotted cream and strawberry jam, I found myself putting the clotted cream on first and then a dash of strawberry jam.


The reason why The Cream Tea Company was created was because I missed the Cream Tea experience I used to have in Devon and Cornwall. The taste of the West Country but now available in your own home, without the hassle - you don't have to bake, or go to the shops to find the clotted cream or the jam or the tea.  


The baking process is completed all in-house, daily and to order. This ensures the scones are fresh for you to eat on that day. Furthermore, all the other products are inspired by Devon and Cornwall - the Clotted Cream, the Strawberry Jam and the Tea Bags. Everything we produce is personal to us - the scones are baked by hand, the Cream Tea box packed by hand and then delivery by hand. Delivery is on the day of baking so long as the order has been received by midnight on the day before. We do not fulfil same day orders.


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Inflation is causing us many problems as we deal with supply chain issues and the ever increasing costs. We are currently trying to absorb the extra costs and hope we do not have to amend our prices in the short term to reflect this. Thank you for your patience and of course, your business!